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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I don’t know about you, but I have heard so many men talk about how important it is for them to tell their daughters how beautiful, smart and loved they are. While I have an equal conviction for teaching our sons that they are capable and good-looking and brilliant, I believe it must be done in tandem. It is a fact that our children learn how to react to the world based on how we treat them. I did not intend this to be preachy but for all of the fathers, mother, parents, and awesome people that honor me with their time here I just want to say to you that your child is an intelligent person and that they are capable of an intelligent conversation. If you have failed to be what they needed, then they know that and I suggest you swallow your pride or embrace your insecurities by going to them and asking a question: What do you need from me? It is as simple as that and be open and accepting to their answer. Now before you embrace the children and even if you do not have a child to embrace then do this for me. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful. I don’t describe beauty as good looks but more as a testament to who and what you are. Beauty is more external than internal. It is about the gift that has been cultivated on the inside of you. Are you making your world better one person at a time? Are you growing in your understanding of how to love and how to be a contributor to as much as your receive from the universe? Reaching greater mental and emotional strengths is how you cultivate your beauty in my own opinion. Finally my point is that I want you to be lost in the beauty of your smile. Take a few minutes today to love yourself. If you don’t like who you are then change yourself one step at a time and love every minute of it. Reward yourself with your own adoration and praise. Sit alone in a room without your cell phone, turn the TV off and check with you. Listen to your own thoughts as you do the conversation of others and when you are there celebrate yourself. Be happy that you have you. Stop for a moment and swell with pride that you are alive and working towards your goals! You didn’t die you are here and that is worthy of rejoicing over! You deserve love, unconditional, beautiful, celebratory, fulfilling love. My grandmother used to say that charity (love) begins at home. So because you deserve this life changing love, give it to yourself. Trust yourself you are capable of loving without limits.

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