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Monday, September 1, 2014

Dealing With Depression

I have a family history of mental illness and drug abuse. Early on in life this terrified me and being a believer in the power of a testimony I sought out people who were successful against all odds from King Saul to Tyler Perry. What I learned from their stories was that you never come out of these things unscathed. Some demon of your past always haunts your present. For me it is deep sadness, and I just disappear into myself in an effort to avoid my pain or disappointment.  So if you have to deal with depression and you have tried and failed at ignoring the sadness associated with your plight here are my own steps that I am working right now, as in as I write this.

Step 1: Acknowledge what triggered the sadness or disappointment. Clearly face that this has happened and your feeling about it, how would you have liked to had changed things, what do you wish had happened instead.

Step 2: Accept that this is a page in your book of life and grieve it. Cry over it, eat ice cream on it, or my personal favorite, sit and look one way. Whatever it takes allow yourself the process that loss has to go through.

Step 3: Announce Your Forgiveness: Enough is enough with anything not getting you to your dreams. The bible says that when you stand praying stand forgiving. So forgive yourself for allowing it, forgive those that left hurt or denied you and forgive the universe for not yielding to your will. Say it out loud in a place that you will remember being. This marks your thinking.

Step 4: Resist The Emotions: You will remember parts oof it, you will remember your failures your will regret doing nothing or regret doing to much. These are demonic forces trying to allow the depression to enter in. Remind yourself of the place you stood and forgave and how you accepted that their was nothing more to be done and fight to focus on moving forward.

Step  5: Do What You Are Afraid To Do: Whatever the depression made you feel like you did not have the strength to get done, complete that very thing. Whatever overwhelmed you face it and fight forward. It teaches the world and the depression that you are the victor!

Step 6: Be Gentle With Yourself: Sometimes it will feel like to much, sometimes moving forward means moving through a mess you made. So as you work through the pain of not having what you wanted or not having what you need, return to Step 1 and know that you have an expected end. To whom much is given more is required, and if you were not born with purpose these word mean nothing to you.

We fight when something is at stake: freedom, a way of life, an ideal, or to force people to our will or religious beliefs. So if the evil of this world is fighting you: you must protect your freedom, fight for your way of life, wage war to see manifestation of your purpose, and violently take by force the universe to submit to your will and God's will as it relates to your life. 

Save This For Yourself

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