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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gay Marriage: Stop the Drama

Apparently in Alabama it is unpopular to support gay marriage. Now I will admit that I tend to oppose tradional beliefs just for the sport of it, but in reality this is an unreasonable argument.  If you are anti-gay rights fine but think about this for a moment. If an old woman can leave her cat $90 million and require that her executor donate the rest to charity when the cat dies and she is considered sane and her wishes are carried out by the court then gay marriage should be legal!

Here is the point. People want to say that just because the church does not sanction them they are wrong. Well in my opinion the Bible has been used to enslave nations and start more wars than it has been used as the center of peace and tolerance. So don’t start me on how this is not a religious argument! Well since this page is filled with white space let’s start me.

Before I make these highly intelligent points. I will say this. I am for Christ. I am a Christian and I believe on the Name of Jesus. I do however understand that it is my choice and my right as a human being to choose how and by what means I will find and serve God in this life. Now I and my fellow Saints fall out like tooth and tongue when it comes to the ideal that we are required to believe only what the bible says and we can openly read one or two versions and everything else is hypocrisy. And please do not behead me but I must admit that if the only way to God is through Jesus Christ then it would make Heaven a club for a certain kind of person and God had created us to diverse for that to be true. And what about the Jews that had a direct covenant before Christ came along? Why can’t we accept that the world is bigger than our box? This is my problem with religion, and anything that limits logic.

Here I am ranting about the definition of Holy Matrimony. Definitions are just socially adapted explanations of what something means. An additional collection of words to describe another word. So here is my question if two men living together becomes socially accepted as marriage will the definition be amended? According to history it should be Webster modified the dictionary with 15 new words in 2012. Because as we live we adapt and create, so how can we believe that we should be bound by any idea?

We all have to a pick a side of the argument, but I say when it comes down to it, it’s about human rights. It’s about a couple living together for ten years, one of them dying and the other being left with nothing because they didn’t hire an attorney and plan to have their time together cut short by a drunk driver.

Why aren’t we fighting about how the media normalizes homosexuality and promiscuity? Why aren’t we teaching our kids tolerance and respect for the reality that the world is made up of people who are nothing like them, just as much as it is people that are? They are born knowing that at our core we are all the same regardless of our choices. We take that reality from them by teaching them intolerance and hate.

So yes I a minority, single parent, inner city with an at poverty income supports gay-marriage because at our core we all want the same things regardless of our choices. 

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