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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Get to Happy

Lately I have been surprised by my own happiness. If you have ever been in a place of deep depression then you can understand. Depression becomes like your old familiar friend a warm blanket of despair that if you stay depressed long enough in a sick way comforts you with its familiarity. One of my main reasons for starting this blog was to help me and women like me learn ways to keep their sanity and save that special part of themselves for them. I want you to know that being happy is not an effort requiring activity. I thought when I was depressed that you had to work on being happy that it was like love. You had to choose it then fight to protect it. WRONG! As a very happy person I am pleased to inform you that it is easy. While I have a mountain of concerns and hundreds of things I want to accomplish I am okay with the time it is going to take me to get there. I forgive myself for my mistakes and endure the hardships that they cause with a quiet smile. I am at peace with my life and like The Apostle Paul I am content whether I be abased or whether I abound. I understand why I was so depressed for so long. I can do things with a clear head that I never would have dreamed of before. Case and point I recently attended a Writer’s Conference in New York City. I flew there alone and with very little money, by New York standards I was broke. All the same I went happy for the opportunity afforded me and grateful that I would have the opportunity to learn more about my craft. I had the time of my life. I even saw Angela Bassett and Samuel L. Jackson live and in person! The performance spoke to me and the people I met were outstanding! I made new friends and stood in lines and waked the streets of Harlem. I enjoyed life in a way that I never thought about before. I was open! I never realized how uptight I was until now. Get to Happy for yourself and don’t worry it is easy to stay there!


  1. Looking for it!!!!

  2. It was great to meet you in NYC! We all go through hard times, and you are a dynamic, creative woman bound for for great things.

    1. Thank You Penni and it was great meeting you too!