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Monday, July 28, 2014

Know The Promise

Today I am reminded of a quote I posted earlier this week “When stuck between rock and hard place stand still and demand that God clear your path.”

I have realized a few things I want to share about putting a demand on The Promises of God:
  1. You have to know what the promises are
  2. You have to have a revelation of your purpose
  3. You have to have faith which is believing and acting on what you believe

-Whenever I am in a bible study group or sunday school class I suggest that women read the word and know what God promised. In my current denomination of faith we talk a lot about the testimonies of God’s people in the bible but not about God’s promises and how they translate. So I am often encouraging people to read the bible and pray for revelation. Ex: When God said that tithing would cause him to rebuke the devourer for my sake, I confess that no man can harm my life and I am redeemed from accidents, theft and untimely death.

-When you have not sat still with yourself and God to understand why he put you here and what you need to be successful then you are at a disadvantage because I have realized that God is not the only Being aware of your potential, Satin is too. So if your don’t get in the game then you have no idea what your angels are fighting for and you will make decisions that are contrary to God’s plan for your life and find yourself in places that God has to work a miracle to get you out of. Which is not a good thing because miracles are a sign of the power that works in us to the none believer.

-Self explanatory! If God called you to be a teacher start with a degree. If God called you to be an news woman practice reading  script while being recorded.

If you know where you are going work the plan and work that word till you are where God promised you will be and when it feels like you can’t make it another step the breakthrough is so close that Satin is scared to keep charging towards your goals and take the kingdome by force. God promised some things and it takes valiant effort to see them manifested in our lives.

Be strong, Be Purposeful, Be Successful!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Revelation From The Power Falling

Last night while on a iTunes gospel station and a song came on that found me right where I was. The words said “Let your power fall when your name is called, prove the doubters wrong. God your still mighty and strong. So fight this battle for me and help my unbelief so i can tell all my friends that you have won again!” I could stomp and shout right now all over this room. I jumped last night and i am leaping  now in my spirit because these words are for those that are with me in the process of getting to the place that God ordained for them, still believing God for the next moment, still  saying no to good alternatives to the promise in order to maintain the pursuit of it. God ministered/preached this song to me with a revelation that I am compelled to share here. 

“Let you power fall, when your name is called.”
In trouble we don't always think of a scripture but if we have a relationship we know how to call on the name of Jesus! The power behind his name will change not just some but all things. I have screamed “help ME Jesus and before I could get to my destination he sent Help! Never take his name lightly because you need to harvest the power in the name to see a manifestation in your life. He has the power to do what you need done! So be specific when you call on the power!

“Prove the doubters wrong”
See when God speaks his vision into you it is for you and not for the people around you. I am reminded of Joseph when he saw his end at the beginning when he was just becoming a man. He told people that were threatened by the promise God made to him. He told people that went beyond doubting to set out plans to kill the promise. I believe in my sanctified imagination that Joseph talked to God while working as a slave and said I am the head and not the tail God elevate me according to promise give me the wisdom operate like a king and not slave. I can hear him resisting the mindset of hopelessness and poverty and the very mentality of slavery. He carried himself like a great man and that commitment was what kept elevating him despite the devil’s attempts to thwart his vision. What I love about it is that none of what he went through was wasted, and he made it to the promise. 

“God Your mighty and strong”
Sometimes we have to remember that we serve a God referred to as “The Lion of the Tribe of Judah” He is victorious! We win we are not just conquers but more than conquerors. We are in an elite class of people we are King’s children with an incorruptible promise. He can and is willing to do whatever you need done.

“So fight this battle for me”
Then God said the battle is often in your mind or your spirit because you have a spiritual warfare and your testimony is strengthened every time you beat the devil! Like they say if he did it before he can do it again but the best thing about it is I suffer less every time because I have a calm confidence and secret smile that suggests my knowing. I don’t have to lift a finger because I am preserved by a promise, this word is gong to fight this battle for me and in the end, I win!

“…and help my unbelief”
My unbelief is fueled by the doubters that have spoken words that planted a seed in me of doubt. As I am fighting to get to my purpose I am wondering if. If God really called me to this, if I should really relocate my life my family, if I should quit this job, if I should start this business if I should ask for help, if I should sow this seed. I am unconsciously doubting the power of God even though I am consciously “in Faith” for so many things. But I am again reminded of a scripture Philippians 2:13 that says “For it is God that works in you both to will and  todo of his good pleasure.” I can do it even if I don't believe I can because I trust you and you are not a man that you should lie! I esteem Go degreaser than my circumstances.

“So I can tell all my friends that you have won again”
Job’s captivity was turned when he prayed for his friends and if you ever read the whole story then you know those doubters were not his friends they were the same people that told him that God was no longer with him. They were the ones that were backbiting and gossiping about him, But God. My current pastor said just today that he prays for his enemies to live if for no other reason than for them to see the promise of God performed in his life. I believe the song says you have won again because it is not your battle! Every faith fight every time you overcome the attack of the enemy in pursuit of purpose you did not fight for you God did not just move for you He moved for His vision birthed in you for His purpose to be fulfilled for the souls assigned to your ministry. It is liken to the US Army, when you sign up you sell yourself to become the property of the United States of America. You are in battles that are not about you but about the agenda of the US government. Every mission you successfully complete belongs to the U.S. and you. When you call on the name of Jesus you are surrendering to ownership of Jesus Christ and you just have participate in the plan while The Lion of The Tribe of Judah that has never lost a battle fights for you! Whatever God promised you is yours and no demon can kill you and no sickness or disease can destroy you because God is going to get you to the promise because he can’t lie.

I know it was long but I hope it blessed you. I pray you were able to get some revelation and joy for obtaining God’s promise.