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Monday, June 6, 2011

Church Girlz

I realize that I sometimes my efforts to help can seem offensive. I can often use the word church girl like I am cussing. Sometimes I am so angry with the shackles of religion and ignorance that I appear to lash out more than love.
I realized that something was wrong when a woman berated one of my blog posts. At first I did what we all do and dismissed her as misinformed and a shining example of my point. Then last night I sat on the phone with a friend and listened to her dilemma, then gave her my truth in a way that changed her outlook. By the end of the conversation I realized that I myself had been ignorant.
See I understand that there is an evil power at work in the universe and that after millions of years he knows that if it is meant to do well, it can cause the most harm. Being right is a dangerous place to be! I am right about church girls because I have been everywhere they are, but what I am wrong about is how I have approached them. I am wrong for acting like they know better, or like they are stupid for living a life in-line with what they have been taught. So to all the CHURCH GIRLS I APOLOGIZE! You have to forgive me it's what Jesus would do. (just a little humor)
I want you to know that this blog was started for women like me, those that have been taught to put everything and everyone before themself. Women who are absent in their own lives and so busy that they forget to notice. Women so committed to giving that they have forgotten to save something for themselves.
I believe that every woman possesses her own beauty her own unique gifts that change the world. Our flaw is that we fail to use them for change. We either become indignant in being right (my own mistake) or we become defeated by being told that we are wrong.
I want to help women not because I can. I realize that my alienation from them most of my life was an attempt by the forces of evil to keep me from connecting. I now realize more than ever that as a woman of faith that has exposed all of the lies in my own life I can help someone else do the same. I am now more committed than ever to helping the girls from 9-99 get something for themselves.
I see you and I know your pain, it’s all the same. (learned the last part from Oprah.)
So I invite you to meet me here as often as you can so that we can chit chat about the way to navigate through the crazy and come into our own. I love you and I understand.

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