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Friday, June 17, 2011

Don't Congratulate the Haters

The reality of life is that as human beings we create energy. We are either going to do something positive with that energy or we are going to do something evil with it. Sometimes being evil helps people get ahead. But I have decided that my bet from this day forward will be on the people that want to make a difference. Positivity and creativity are the only sources I am sending my cash to.

I plan to purchase the new Kelly Roland CD because she has just been grinding trying to find her way to make a mark in this industry on her own. She hasn’t been quoted as having anything negative to say about anyone. I like that and as a result it has inspired me to give to givers. Many years ago when I was full throttle church girl, and a member of my church suggested that I only get my hair and nails done by members of my church because they would tithe my money. I thought that was cool and while I am not really in the same city as my church anymore and I have not found one in the midst of these fakers. But it was a worthwhile concept that helped me to adopt this viewpoint: don’t congratulate the haters!

I try to be a positive person and surround myself with positive people. I believe that we all have something to give that will make the people around us better in so many ways. What I believe to be our biggest mistake is that we fail to identify the people that are toxic to the world not just our well-being. The human nature is selfish so when we look at people we see how their actions affect us, but what effect does their lifestyle leave on the world. Is it possible that they talk about everyone but you, so you think? Could it be that they just don’t like certain people not just the ones with more money or status than them? Is it really possible for every woman with a good job and some style that doesn’t speak when spoken to be a bitch? Who cares to give it that much energy? I don’t and if you were focusing on what’s important then you would not either.

If you are clearly in pursuit of purpose then you will find the strength to live life on purpose and not care what anyone thinks no matter who they are or what they think. We only get once chance to live this life so why live it like someone else thinks it should be lived. Find your center and live according to your own standard. Iyanla said one thing that she should have lived by: Stand for something or you will fall for anything. What are you standing for? Who are you helping and is it really what’s best for the universe?

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