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Sunday, June 12, 2011

More truth

Since I started this truth thing I was thinking why not keep it going? Today I was getting my hair done in the most interestingly hood place I have been as an adult. I say that because my father was ho-ood and he took me to all kinds of house barbershops and bootleggers as a child. Today I sat in a house that had a pool table, a beauty shop, a barbershop and an outside was an automotive shop. To make it more real there was no air conditioning and all of the drink machines were empty except for Pepsi that was hand written on the dispenser button. To further make my experience real, you had to catch you soda with your hand or it would fall on the floor. LMAO! Now if you know me then you know this kind of stuff intrigues me.
As a payoff to my interest I met a gentleman there that I ended up sitting next to because the girl that was going to sew in my weave (my first time and I still don’t recognize myself) worked in a room of the house with a barber. The funny real life experience part was that a group of his friends went and got beer and basically hung out in this room talking sh*t and making us laugh but also taking up space and as the sun rose so did the heat! Nevertheless, as always relationship chatter began. I had taken in that these men were the fiber of the community. They were the electricians and janitors. These people were the “poor” making less than $30,000 a year and laughing all the way to the state store, baby.
So of course as I sat between two guys with my head aching from the braids, in round one of the fight for a manageable hair style, these men began talking to me. In the course of the conversation I mentioned that I was working on a self-help book. He asked me pointed questions that really helped me understand the truth concept. His question was: “What helps people that are in a place that they are being downsized at work and have responsibilities that they are now not able to keep up, then they are losing their house or car and can’t pay childcare.”
So again an opportunity to make my point presented itself. I explained to him and I want to deal with here: If you live in a place of truth you can handle anything. Life will always happen the good the bad and the bull shiggitty! My answer was this in life sometimes you can’t see the bad coming, try as you might things will take you by storm. So the way to be prepared is that you stay in a place of truth. When you face the problem you look at everything that it will affect honestly. You say okay, I can survive for three more months and then I have to do something. What kind of job can I take at what pay to survive? What do I need to give up? Who can I call to make arrangements on existing bills and balances? Truth is about getting in there and accepting what has happened and what has to be done.
Truth is the only way to win in life. Live according to what you have determined to be the best life for you and don’t lie to yourself or try to let your life lie to others. Another point I made to him is that often in life we can be trying to be better at living in truth and then began to lie to the world. Maybe next I will tell you how I learned to live above what other people think and still give a damn.

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