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Sunday, September 16, 2012

There Will Be Glory After This

 I believe that when we are all designed according to purpose, but I know that we need direction. After the sermon today I spoke to a friend that got smart with me because she felt I was saying she needed something that I didn’t. Now if you follow my blogs then you know I am always trying to check myself. So I considered her implication. I realized that Unlike her I am having a valley experience that will prepare me for the mountain. I have received a word from the Lord that has defined my future. I just have to survive this season and learn my lessons and stay focused on the promise. I have to give on-time and sow wisely. It may look like I am down, but I am in pursuit of purpose. There will be glory after this and I am getting ready to enjoy it without wasting it! So if you are going through what feels like Hell. If you are in the midst of trail that you are just depending on God to see you through, then understand this: FOR YOU TO EXPERIENCE A PRAISE YOU MUST SEE YOURSELF IN THE PROMISE.

People without vision perish because they lay dormant in life following every wind that blows. Ive been there and got the t-shirt hat and commeorative fan. I decided a long time ago that I would not keep going from on bad situation to a worse one. I wouldn’t go from a bad man to terrible one. I set some standards and in that area of my life things changed. So I began to decide some other things for myself. Now that I am nolonger emotionally out of control. I am moving on to the next arena of my life. Specifically in this season it is my career path. I am making a mental list of standards and I am going to see to it that I experience God’s best for me by seeking the promise. That’s a platform for success in any area of your life.


 When the promise is manifested, THERE WILL BE GLORY! GLORY defined: something that is a source of honor, fame, or admiration; adoring praise and worshipful thanksgiving; resplendent beauty or magnificence, or prosperity!

 --Nuff Said,