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Monday, February 27, 2012

Five Ways To Get Back To You

As I began my day, I am reminded that I have a lot to do. I have a handicap. The more I have to do the less I feel like doing! I want to step away from the laptop and land softly on my bed, then sleep until it all somehow either gets done or doesn’t matter anymore. For people who know my past this was lazy not sadness. Why is it so easy to allow ourselves to be distracted from us? It is vital to get back to you so that you focus on what’s important to you. Well I have Five Ways To Get Back To You!

 1. Allow yourself a few moments of silence. I have found that when I am really mentally and emotionally messed up I can’t be still. I am running away from the thoughts in my head at record speed. A sign of good mental health is that you are able to sit in a room and do nothing. Cut the TV off and sit still, if you are not emotionally changed you might be all right.

2. Save for something you really want for you and buy it. One saving teaches you patience and having it brings you joy. I got a pair of shoes that I sit up on the counter because they make me smile.

3. Evaluate the people in your life. If they aren’t adding, subtract them! Period! If they have a stronghold on you start praying and canceling plans. You will be better at taking care of the people in your life if you use all of your energy to focus on loving and taking care of the people that reproduce your seeds of love in your life.

4. Learn how to Say No! Do you want to do it? If it is going to inconvenience you, are you okay with the inconvenience? These are vital questions to ask yourself and answer honestly. People are wired to want more than they give. So you have to decide what you want to give and what you need in return.

5. Live in the Truth. I am a fan of brutal honesty. My motto in life is that the truth hurts less than a lie in the long run. It takes bravery to be honest. You have to be willing to accept the unfortunate circumstances of truth and the negative emotions of being honest.

 Now the above list is for people that are healthy, that love themselves and are capable of making wise decisions. Getting it Done still requires the discipline and activity against the other stuff!

 Win at all Costs, Tia

Saturday, February 18, 2012

#RIP Whitney

I had a blog prepared but in the light of today being the day that The ICON Whitney Houston is laid to rest I wanted to write something in honor of her and her struggle. While the details of Whitney’s death are not clear, what is clear is that she was a God-fearing Christian woman. Yet her public life was what so many women experience in private. She loved God and could not find a way to translate his promises into her everyday life. God’s faithfulness could have provided more than a legendary career it could have been wise counsel in a failing marriage, wisdom in parenting a child of divorce, more than a conqueror to addiction, and peace that surpasses all understanding in the midst of frustration. Please do not think I am judging Whitney Houston, because I am not. I am hoping that we can look at her life and realize that we have all been there. Why she died doesn’t matte as much as it matters that she died young and her victory was not yet fulfilled. I am sad for all Christian women that are losing at life in any area of life. From the rich to the poor as Christians we have got to show the world that God is greater than the trials and tribulations of this world. Unfortunately, that is not something that God does without our own effort. Intellectually we have got to do more for ourselves. When you pay attention to people that overcame addiction the people that do not relapse are the people that did it for themselves! Wining is your choice and no God, man, or million can do that for you. Let’s look at our own lives and in honor of Whitney let’s make better decisions and give God glory with our lives. Let’s decide to do better and get it done regardless. Don’t try, do, and let nothing stand in your way. Jay-Z says that when great performers die young they leave a good-looking corpse. Whitney left more than that she left a public struggle that denied her of her inheritance a long, prosperous, healthy life and a death in the Lord after having fulfilled long life. I pray for her family and their supernatural peace and comfort in the midst of this storm. I pray that Whitney is present with The Lord and free to watch over those that she loved in this life sending them peace and comfort.