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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Long Live The Lists

Today I am in a different place than my usual state of non-resistance. For the first time in months I want to be productive. Not in the "we all want to do better then sit on our butts and do nothing kind of way". More in a planning kinda way. I recently read, as in last night, a blog post that reminded me that successful people make lists. The none-neurotic can barely believe that but it’s true for the mental. We need a plan and steps to follow.

If you read this blog, then you know I love real life examples, sometime to a fault. Nevertheless my real life example involves the truth of someone I know and love dearly. He is a planner and a list maker and he is enormously successful as long as he sticks to the plan, when he goes off the grid he loses money and goes in debt and while the nature of his business remains relatively the same he rises and falls based on his ability to adhere to his plan. I wonder of he knows this? I ask because I learned this by watching him and how he operates through life.

And like all smart girls I compared it to my own. I realized that I am at my best when I make list, and agendas. For me this is sanity. Even with the time it takes to make the list I get more done in a day than I would without it. I need to be around order to function at my best and knowing that when I look at my work desk and my bedroom I am barely functioning. I make lists for everything all the activities for the house, the chores and the steps to complete them, where I need to shop and what I need to buy. Then I break down the lists into tasks and add them to a calendar, thus creating daily agendas,

Lists are King for Me and the ruler of my success. Not literally I believe in God, that statement was not meant to be anti-Semitic.


Long-Lives the List people, Let’s get out our pens!