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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Living Your Resume vs Your Eulogy

Today the “friend in my head” Arianna Huffington has inspired me to write about morality. As a survivor of several suicide attempts and a few other bad ideas that could have resulted in the loss of my life, I think I have a little to say on the matter and so I will say on.

Arianna’s post was mainly about how we should live our Eulogy instead of our Resume. Well, I think I have spent my life on my eulogy and the stress that plagues me is that as a Capricorn success for me is measured in the tangible. So while I have nurtured beautiful relationships and carried my friends through perilous times in their life. I have remembered the small things and laughed til I cried I have kissed the bottom of my baby’s feet and held hands open to receive the first step. I have lived the Eulogy I have loved and been loved. Yet two things evade my grasp.

To be lost in love with a husband and to thrive in a career that it is not just my job. I have come close to both and yet the brass ring slipped from my fingers. While I can do very little to control the husband phenom, I can handle what I define the success. I have a new desire and unfortunately it does not involve the sweet moments of life. It involves hours alone in front of a computer. Late nights and really big meetings. It involves preparation and unavailability. As such I have subscribed to more blogs on success and find the time to check out what the major minds in business are thinking daily.
I seek to be absent from life’s precious moments. Call me a cynic but I’m over it and if they wait for me after the tangible success comes I will welcome them and wait to experience them. But for know I am off to push for my Holy Grail of Success.

Since I am now officially back on the blog scene, I will tell you all about it.

Getting Success for Myself!

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