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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting Some for Yourself

As a woman it is in our nature to be the protectors of all that we love. Our words and actions are loaded with lioness like prowess. I have often identified with the lioness as she embodies the woman in every aspect. Many believe her to be weak because she does not posess the visible mane of her husband, but true fans know she is responsible for feeding her family. Her strength is underestimated. Defined by her regal beauty, excellent leadership, immeasurable strength, strong work ethic and provision responsibilities. Yet she is a friend to her pack, a mother to her children, a wife to her sometimes wondering husband and a manager of her life and interactions with others. Now with that description of her life I am sure you can see how much you have in common with the big kitty that I have loved to look at since I was a child.
My son in deed and I spoke recently about him needing a mentor. He wanted someone to look up to a man that exemplified the qualities I was demanding of him. I gave him some advice that I think is relevant to all people growing in the world. Become that which you seek. Even if the battle begins with studying why other people haven’t achieved the greatness or the excellence demanded of you. The greatest of men left what they knew to become what they could believe. So what are you looking for in the world? What are you complaining about that wont come? Now what are you doing to make it happen against the odds.
Most women can identify with wanting a man. While I am a very attractive woman(thank God) even I have wanted a new man when I was bored with my current one. The mistake most women make is when they want a new or an actual relationship they tend to make that list every church girl has in her Bible. Whether you make it in your head or your journal you figure out what you want. Now I want to challenge you to write a list of what characteristics compliment the list. EX: a great listener (guy) – intelligent conversation (girl). If you want a fine man do you love yourself enough to be confident with your pimple? Good looking men are confident and if you lack it they will not give you any real attention no matter how much you work for it. If you want some help I am willing to help you with your list. If you are reading this and you have a list of characteristics for your dream man, send it to me. I would love to provide you with some characteristics for you!
I am fully aware that you may not possess the qualities that compliment but that is the point of this blog. Get them. Become the you, you want to be by any means necessary.
Let me say this first, I am a church girl tried and 30 years true so don’t judge me as I expose you! Now to my point – church people are trained to be religious. They spend an hour a day and 4 plus hours on Sunday studying the path. They are taught to resist what comes natural and meditate/pray to keep their thoughts off of what’s around them and on the words of the first printed book. So if you are one of these people you have an advantage. Start believing in your ability and spend an hour a day meditating on your own thoughts and what need to change with them. Spend the next 4 hours you have on Sunday studying books and facts that associate to your desired self. Spend the time on you, then you will be better at your practices. Life is about the living! Be Purposeful in Your Planting

Monday, March 28, 2011

Living Life

Okay so it has been a long while since I wrote. But fortunately I have anew computer and I can blog and write and be freee!!!
I have been so busy with life and love and starting over!
I think often in life we forget what it really means to be content with ourselves. I have learned to be alright with me and even though my life changes constantly I am the same. I like me and I love my flaws. I live according to my convictions and I am bored with being sorry for it. I am writing a book about loving yourself so if you have some advice email me.