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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Go With It - Introduction

I have been using this blog to rant, but I want to be specific for this year. Primarily, because I have come to a place that I am so grateful to be in, I am happy. For years I thought if I could just leave certain people out of my life and make my own choices then I will be happy. Well I am here and it is everything I knew it would be. I am calm in the midst of my storm. My faith is renewed and my patience is refreshed. I hear God through a clear spirit and I can accomplish things that seem like too much.

I want to give a shout out to Bishop Jakes and I am sending him an offering because that man’s anointing blesses me time and time again. He said some years ago that When you are more than a conqueror then you have not just won, but you have come back from destruction to win! I thank God for being more than a conqueror. I am not a religious person, but I love God with all of me and I am so grateful.

I want to say that this is the year to evaluate self. I want to use this platform to finish my self-awareness book. So together we are going to get through the chapters. So here I am going to give you an introduction to the topic from introduction to final chapter and what I want to accomplish:

The Wholeness Issue! Intro

As women are filled with an enormous wealth of emotions, we love, we hate, we hurt, and we heal. Well I believe that is time that we control the emotions that rule our lives. We need to take back out sanity and strength. This book is all about the way we think. Why we think a man should be calling or texting all day to care? Why we prefer married men and lie to ourselves that we are in love and accept that sharing him is enough? Why we allow our husbands to cheat while all the time pretending like your gut isn’t telling you?

I may never speak to every reason but that is not going to stop me from trying to reach hurting and tired women that need to know that they are not all alone. Single, married, children, no children it doesn’t matter we are female. Womb-man! The reason we are natured to not get a long is because what we need is in each other. What would men really do if we found ourselves and each other in a way that lifted us to unity and friendship and achieving a common purpose? They would realize their inferiorities and their egos would have to decline. Not because we don’t need them or want them, but because our beauty and strength would demand their respect.

By no stretch am I saying that men are the problem and I hope that men can read this and figure out their own relationships and issues. As Oprah says often: “All Pain is the Same.”

Let’s go get Some ________ for ourselves!

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