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Saturday, March 24, 2012

On Saving Some For Yourself

On saving Some For Yourself.

I have so neglected my blog, and for that I apologize. I have apparently been in a slump about my economic condition. Nevertheless, I have pulled myself together to make a point. In the famous words of Jay-Z: "You are who you are period!"

That being said I realize that I am a creative force. My characters invade my meditation, dialogue my dreams, and make me question my sanity. Who I am is so very engrained in my existence that I am defined by it.

If you want to know your divine purpose try this: research it! Didn’t think I was going there did you? The truth is when you have a gift it pervades your existence in such a way that no matter your normal personality traits based on geographic location, zodiac and upbringing, you are different.

For me I am by nature: Fun loving, focused, financially driven, a hard worker, a passionate lover, monogamous, talkative, and engaging. I am also a tea drinker that loves to party!

As a Writer I am: Anti-social, a loner, introverted, constantly distracted, and in need of more and more alone time. I am also a coffee drinker that prefers to sit in silence.

See what I mean by my creativity challenging my sanity? While these characteristics are drastically different they are common for my divinely chosen field.

Know yourself and the characteristics of your gift. It will not only make you understand that you are normal, and after all we all want to feel normal on some level, right? Knowing confirms to you that you are on your path!

I hope this helps you figure out that you are in your place!

Live Life Like You Only Get Once Chance

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