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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Enough Already!!!

The Bible says that when you go to do good is evil is always present!!! This is so true that I can barely stand it. I started this blog casually, expecting nothing. Well, I guess a lot of women need to save something for themselves and my ability to do so is being pushed to the limits! So I say to every woman that is being pulled down by life GET UP!!!

If you are overwhelmed with debt file bankruptcy! If your man wont act right, find another one! If your child wants to defy you and they are over twelve, offer to help them find a place to stay! If your mother is sick and you are not the only child, step down and give someone else the chance to step up! If your job sucks, start sending our resumes and embellish to play to your strengths as I have been recently told! If you have friends that take more than they give tell them to get to stepping! Fight back like your life depends on it!!!! Because it does!

Heart attacks, strokes, physical ailments, childbirth defects, all come from women being distracted from themselves and focusing on the wrong thing! For every person it is necessary to evaluate your life and determine what makes you happy! What deserves your attention and what you have to offer the world. Then against everything you know Protect your time. Preserve you mind. And Fight the generational curse of tradition and what's expected.

I cant tell what I don't know. I have experienced all of the above situations and then some recently and I decided to make the harder decision the fifth time around. See, I have observed life to be based on a cycle, or more accurately changing seasons in your psyche. If you are familiar with astronomy then you know how the seasons, or moons can affect the mood and atmosphere of people born under a certain sign. Well, I also believe that if you are a Christian there are certain choices that God wants you to make and until you make the one that will put you on his chosen path for your success then you will keep being faced with similar circumstances but different stories of how and when you got there.

I have always been a fan of doing what's right according to what other people defined as far and kind. Then it hit me, I am living with the consequences not them. So I have committed to do everything differently than I always have. I am starting over and I am going to live by the Bitch Rules that I am preparing to share with you more than I ever have before. Sometimes you have not only change the rules to the game but make your own definition of VICTORY!

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