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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Well Hello fellow bloggers and friends I begged to check this out! For years I have had a conviction to share with women all of my amazing life lessons and personal revelations. Well, recently I have realized that to destroy the activity of nothing you have to do something that creates activity towards your goals. Those that follow Christianity refer to it as sowing a seed. So here is my newest breakthrough.
I have created this Blog for women with the gift/curse of help and all the people that love them. Women that are prone to helping people and fixing things no matter what cost them! Men can learn a lot here too about emotion and what women feel. Personally I have survived depression so deep it almost claimed my life and years of being victimized by my own convictions and the judgement of othters. So I want to share with you ways to find some happiness, a lot of peace, and strength to live out your goals and dreams. Sisters we have got to do this thing for ourselves!!!
Growing up I was always observant and I developed a fear that women were weak and prone to insanity. I wanted to be a boy so I wouldn't grow up to be like that. Fortunately for me I became a woman and began to understood that a breakdown is a rite of passage. It is an opportunity to shed all of the layers that people cover who you really are as a woman with. The only way for us to survive is if we find a way to take control of our emotions. Now, as with everything we must find balance but there are 10 Simple Rules to Mental and Emotional Stability and that is what this blog is about. I call them The Bitch Rules, primarily because when you love and protect yourself that is what people will call you! LOL
So I have become comfortable with the description because the people that matter and make my life full do not see me that way. If they do its because they are older and don't understand why I refuse to sacrifice my sanity for the sake of the crowd. That family curse of pride and hypocrisy can make your life hard to live, but we have a remedy for that. Read with me and we will be better women, better contributors to the Universe, better mothers, friends, co-workers, daughters, and lovers.

Live Like You Only Get Once ChaNce

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