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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Encourage Yourself

Okay today I am excited. Because I took the Rhema word from God that I needed to encourage myself and began to do it. I began to speak victory during my current test and I want you to know That I am so encouraged I couldn’t keep it to myself.
I want to bind every distraction in your life. I want you to get by yo’self and hear God say something to you then stop and meditate. Turn it inside and out. Think on every possibility related to the word. Then look at your vision and began to apply your Rhema to what God has already said. Sometimes we want a word that will apply to make us feel better to make us more able to bear the trouble manfully. But I say to you today the Rhema is for the vision. The current circumstance is the distraction from the vision. God is not one change his mind about you, so when he speaks he is speaking to your viasion to his promise for your life. Provision and peace he left with us. He isn’t telling you to give so that he can pay your light bill he is telling you to give so you break the chains of poverty over your life.
God is bigger than the moment. The present trial and you have to think beyond what is now. Don’t complain about me not understanding. I am saying this while typing on a relative’s computer because I am homeless. I am coming to this place because I saw that God was not just trying to help me withstand the loss of the only mother I have known, while being unemployed and separated from my child, but He is elevating me to the place that he promised I would be. He, Jehovah Elohim, Jehovah Jireh is speaking to you today and it is not about the moment, it is about the vision that though it tarry it shall come!
So I stand in agreement with you today that every spirit of depression and devastation are utterly destroyed! You have clarity and strength! This is the moment that Satin wants to steal from you! While you are breaking into pieces emotionally, hold on! Cry for a while and pray a little longer. Evaluate every person you cross paths with, measure everything that happens against the vision not the circumstance.
When I was a regular church girl I would often hear people say that the devil is busy. Well I want you to know that God is OCD about getting it done. God isn’t just busy he is enabling achievement in the lives of the believers. As I have cautioned many times to people, know God for yourself. Read the word, hear the voice for yourself. Depend on your relationship with God and nobody else’s.

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