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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Confidence Formula

So as Believers, People of Faith, we are called to trust an invisible God and believe that the words He left for us are true and effective and relevant in our lives currently. As a Christian I was often baffled by how to know if I was really standing in faith. This struggle came from my personality. I am a planner I make list and forecast the future. So my math was hindered by my logic. This is why as a Believer I had to learn how to do just that BELIEVE. 

If you need a scriptural reference Romans 8:1 should do it, but today I am going to talk out of my heart. No matter how many times you go to church the clergy urge you to get in the word. To study more often to be closer to God. For me my journey to confidence in what God had for me and my right to its attainment came from me doing just that. I had to first learn the what God said on the matters that concerned me because if you have read “The Guide To It!” Then you know that I believe in praying God’s promises. I then had to find a way to make it my own. Secondly, I resisted my excuses to not sit still with the Lord. I always had one more thing to do, I was tired it was too early or I just plain didn't feel like reading the word or going over my meditation. I walk in my truth and often I just didn't want to. Have you ever looked over your excuses and realized that your humanity a.k.a your flesh was acting out its enmity towards God? Thirdly, I began to confess over my confessions that if God be true every man or situation that makes what He said untrue is a lie. Read that again! 

What began to happen was I could say like David: Who does this uncircumcised (ungodly) giant (problem circumstance) think he is! Not only will I slay him, but I will break the curse and the strong hold that created and supported him! (1 Samuel 17:26) 

In case you missed it the confidence formula is about Knowing what you believe, what promise you are standing on, why despite the seeds you have sown the lies you have told, you can be forgiven and victorious with that same word! So I still make lists, plan and forecast the future but instead of preparing for the worst as an ending I prepare for it as a temporary trial and expect the manifestation of the promise. 

Get That For Yourself!


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